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Site Down - DDOS Attack on our ISP

A couple hours ago there was a major DDOS Attack on our ISP and apparently it prevented access to our servers for several hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are currently looking at several options including new ISPs that can handle the load of a DDOS attack so that we can avoid this in the future. Thanks.

BlogEasy Forums Added

We've now added forums for BlogEasy bloggers and the general public. You can locate the forums at BlogEasy Forums. These forums are a means to ask questions, meet other bloggers, and offer comments and feedback about the state of BlogEasy. Keep blogging, and see you in the forums.

A link to the fourms was added on the front page of BlogEasy for everyone's convenience.

Major New Release for BlogEasy!

BlogEasy is proud to announce the relase of our first major revision since BlogEasy was first released to the public over a year ago. We've added a mountain of new features that most of you have been waiting for and streamlined a few of the existing features for quicker use. You can now incorporate internal and external RSS feeds into your blogs, create new themes, get better site metrics with bot separation, and add graphic banners to your site. There's also new and improved behind-the-scenes support for site promotion. BlogEasy now submits your new blog entries to more than double the number of blog search engines so you'll get better reach and more readers. We've also added support for editors and authors so you can create a "multi-person blog" where several authors can contribute and editors can control which content makes it to the front page. There are new features for creating revenue streams with your blog. If you are a paid subscriber, you can opt to have your own Google advertisments on your page and make money off the advertisements directly. You can also opt to not have any ads at all. There are also numerous other features we'll leave for you to find, and as always, BlogEasy is free for you to use and enjoy with new state-of-the-art features that now rival most paid blog providers. Thank you to our loyal blog writers, our subscribers and our developers for making this happen.

Google Advertising

We just added in Google advertising on the front page to help out with some of the bills for running BlogEasy. The subscriptions really help and we'd like to thank everyone who has signed up for a subscription. The advertising should help shore up the financial stability of BlogEasy so that it will be here to stay.


BlogEasy has upgraded to a new facility for faster and more reliable bandwidth. Initial tests have revealed a 10% increase in speed per page. Average page transfers are now taking approximately 20ms.

More Blogs

Just updated the BlogEasy front page to reflect more recently published blogs. The new limit is up to ten instead of five.

New Features

Just added some new features to BlogEasy. Blogs can now be emailed directly from the main page. Also, premium members have the option of deleting specific comments from their blogs and suppressing comments in newly created blogs. Enjoy!

New Site

Just added a new feed to so that your blogs will now be updated to three sources including and Also, a little re-design on the front page was completed to provide more up-to-date news and blog updates as well as easier access to the demo screens.

Premium Accounts

Our premium and platinum accounts are now available at a 50% reduction! Get a premium account for less than $2.50 a month. Click on the "upgrade" option from your "account view" screen. Thank you for your support!

Blog Updates

Two new update feeds have been added for the and sites to automatically publicize your blog updates. Blue Crown Software will continue to add new update feeds to BlogEasy in the near future.

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